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Orphan Espresso Lido E coffee grinder

16-11-2016: Update after one year with the Lido E

My first coffee was, as for many people in Holland, coffee from a pour over machine with a filter. As I got older I started taking coffee a little bit more seriously so I bought a Quickmill machine. When the first machine started to fall apart I bought a second one, the classic 820. The first grinder I used was a Hario manual grinder (later followed by a Porlex grinder) which is great for pour over coffee but is struggling when you desire a finer grind for espresso. I used it with the Quickmill 820 machine and it worked quite well, or at least I thought so at the time.

When I upgraded to a second hand BFC Junior Levetta espresso machine, a HX based on the well-known e61 group, I immediately noticed the Hario couldn’t keep up. So I bought a Mazzer Mini Electronic and pretty quickly changed the burrs to those designed for the Mazzer SJ. I still have and use this combination and am really happy with it, although I would like to try a lever machine some day. But that’s a different story. Continue reading